A Welcome to Newcomers

We are glad you are visiting us! St. Timothy’s is located on the west side of Yakima at 4105 Richey Road between Englewood and Lincoln Avenues. The church is blessed with a beautiful front lawn that is our neighborhood’s place to come and play and where we have barbecues. We have a court yard in back with a lovely columbarium and classrooms for Christian Education and community group meetings.

We are a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, the Episcopal Church in the United States, and the worldwide Anglican Communion. As Episcopalians, we consider ourselves both Protestant and Catholic in our heritage.

St. Timothy’s is a near-downtown suburban church serving communities throughout the Yakima Valley. Our congregation is diverse in age and culture. From infants to seniors and Anglos to Latinos, we welcome everyone. The parish is just over 50 years old and supports a vibrant church choir, adult and children’s formation programs, and a strong commitment to outreach and pastoral care.

We invite you to join us for worship and participate in Christ’s ministry. Please make yourself known to the clergy and members of the congregation. We would love to speak with you and extend a very warm welcome!

A Short History of St. Timothy’s Church

In 1955, twelve families dedicated themselves to the idea of a new church. They had no money, no church, no rector, no congregation—only a dream of the future, a faith in God, a dogged determination, and the foresight to choose the Rev. Albert C. Baker to guide them. From that dream has grown the St. Timothy’s that we know today.

The first service was held on October 30, 1955, in a borrowed funeral chapel. For nearly two years, Sunday services were held there, and weekday services and activities were held in a tiny rectory on 40th Avenue. From its first Sunday, the church has been self-supporting and has supported a worldwide missionary program, as well as contributing to the support of the District, now the Diocese of Spokane.

The first building unit of St. Timothy’s church was constructed in 1956 and 1957. The first service in the framed and enclosed skeleton of the future church was on Christmas Eve, 1956. The Parish continued to grow until 1959, when it became obvious that additional space was needed. The educational unit, office, and upstairs were built around a garden court. It was completed and dedicated in October, 1960.

Improvements have been added from time to time over the years—a new organ, a set of carillon bells (updated in 2000), altar appointments, pews, carpeting, stained glass windows, parking lot, plantings, sound system, and in 2000 a new roof, parking lot expansion, new outdoor lighting, and restroom updates. In 2001, new pew cushions were donated by the women of the church and The Plaid Door. Also in 2001, one of two new signs was erected. In 2004 the courtyard area was rebuilt and expanded to include an outdoor worship area, three separate age-appropriate play areas for children, and a columbarium.

In 2005, St. Timothy’s celebrated its 50th Anniversary as a parish. In 2006, the time capsule was removed from behind the cornerstone and replaced for those who will open it when they celebrate 100 years of ministry.


Our first Rector, the Rev. Albert Baker, served us from 1955 to 1963. He was followed by the Rev. John P. Gorsuch (1963-1968), the Rev. Webster G. Barnett (1968-1981), the Rev. James L. Vevea (1982-1998) the Rev. Lou Thomas who served as Deacon (1984-1999), and the Rev. Duane Crosier who has served as Deacon since 2002, the Rev. Rick Ward, (1999-2009), and The Rev. Kathy Prehm who served as Deacon (1997-2002) and as Priest Associate (2002-2009), and The Rev. Anne Barton who served our rector (2010-2018).

The Rev. Beth Hoffmann

Mo. Beth The Rev. Beth Hoffmann was called as Priest in Charge at St. Timothy’s in November of 2018. She earned a Master of Divinity at General Theological Seminary in New York City, and was ordained to the priesthood in Connecticut in 2000. She has served churches in the Connecticut, Oregon and the Central Gulf Coast before coming to Yakima and the Diocese of Spokane. Prior to becoming a priest in the Episcopal Church, she worked as a counselor in the field of substance abuse treatment for Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut and directed the hospital’s Employee Assistance Program.

Our church is developing and implementing a new Children’s Program – Godly Play, a Feeding Program for the homeless of Yakima and strategizing new ways to reach out to people in our neighborhood, in the city of Yakima and the Yakima Valley.

Episcopal Church

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is a member of the The Episcopal Church USA. Our Presiding Bishop is the Most Reverend Michael J. Curry. St. Timothy’s falls under the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane.

As Episcopalians, we are part of the Anglican Communion which is rooted in the Church of England. Find out more about the characteristics of the Anglican /Episcopal Spirituality and Temperament