Letter from the Priest In Charge

Mo. Beth

Welcome! Your visit gives me a chance to say hello and tell you a little bit about St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. It is a wonderful church with so much to offer people of all ages, and I hope you will come and discover that for yourself. If you are looking for a faith community, you probably know there’s something indefinable about church. Yet you know when it feels right. There is a sense of the holy there. It is a welcoming and friendly place. People step up to introduce themselves or offer a helping hand. There’s beautiful music, and some deep talk about the Kingdom of God. It might even strike you as a “thin place” – one of those places on earth where the curtain between heaven and earth is paper thin so heaven seems very near. Ancient traditions are still practiced and speak to modern believers as they have to those who have gone before us since time out of mind.

At St. Tim’s nobody will pressures you to believe a certain way. You don’t have to have all the answers or even know exactly what the questions are. It is a safe place to form a deep relationship with God. You will be urged to relax and let God take over. And you don’t have to park your brains at the door. There is an intellectual curiosity right along with a hunger for God. It doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual journey. You will be encouraged and welcomed.

Another mark of a healthy church is that there is joy to be found there – and laughter. We have those aplenty at St. Timothy’s. We offer a Montessori-based Sunday School program for children. We have a newly refurbished nursery for small children. Adult Education takes place many Sundays after church, and there are two study groups that meet during the week. One is a Bible Study, and the other group is a book study of the writings of C.S. Lewis. This fall on the night before Thanksgiving, we are opening our doors for a special gratitude Recovery Service to thank Twelve Step Groups in the area for the gifts they have given to the church. Other events include The Spiritual Spa, a day-long retreat for women on Jan. 25th, and a monthly men’s group.

There are opportunities for serving those in the community. Each Sunday there is multitasking as parishioners participate in coffee hour and make sandwiches for the homeless. Hundreds of sandwiches are made each week while we sip our coffee and visit with each other. Another group cooks for Rod’s House. Still others participate in a program called Community of Hope which provides pastoral care and home visits to those who are ill. There are other opportunities for outreach as well – especially through “Between the Ridges,” a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane.

Please join us for worship some Sunday soon and check us out. We’d like a chance to get to know you and welcome you to our church.

God bless you,

The Rev. Beth Hoffmann, Priest in Charge

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