Camp Cross

Our Diocesan church camp is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Cour D’Alene in Idaho. Camp sessions are offered throughout the summer: Mini-camp for those in 1st grade and Middle School Camp and Sr. High Camp. We also have Family Weekend and Labor of Love – at the end of the year when we close the camp for the winter months. Youth spend time in the study of Holy Scripture, worship and fellowship as they deepen their faith together in community.

Godly Play

In Godly Play, use a Montessori-based curriculum to “explore faith through story, to gain religious language, and to enhance spiritual experience though wonder and play” twice a month. Through storytelling, wondering, and feasting, we explore God’s stories—a Sacred Story from the Old or New Testament, a Parable that shows us the Kingdom of God, or a Liturgical Action story, which explains our life together as a church.

Godly Play

The physical environment and materials are essential to the Godly Play classroom. Stories from the Old and New Testaments are arranged around the room in baskets in the same order as the Bible so that the Bible is laid out around the children visually. Each week, the storyteller chooses a basket from the shelf and brings that story to life using beautiful materials that allow the children to delve deeply into the story’s meaning and its connection with important themes woven throughout scripture.

Godly Play allows kids of all ages to participate and grow together, and our Godly Play circle always has room for more children.

Children’s Bulletins

St. Timothy’s welcomes children of all ages to our services. We provide two levels of children’s bulletins so children can have relevant, fun material that aligns with each Sunday’s Scripture readings. See a sample bulletin here. We also provide picture flip-books to help children follow along with the liturgy.